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Our program strives to give every student a stimulating and enriching environment to grow and learn in. We offer excellent care from well trained staff who nurture each child’s needs, abilities, and God-given talents.

Requirements for attending

  • Must be 3-12 years of age
  • Must be 100% potty trained

Class Hours

School Year Hours
7-9am / 3-5pm

Summer Hours


AM or PM

1 Day: $13 / 2 Days: $26 / 3 Days: $39 / 4 Days: $52 / 5 Days: $65

Both AM & PM

1 Day: $25 / 2 Days: $50 / 3 Days: $75 / 4 Days: $100 / 5 Days: $125

If you would to tour our facility or have any questions, please…

Busing is available to and from Prairie View Elementary.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for setting transportation up with Dousman Transportation.

For more information please call:

or visit the Mukwonago District Website

During the school year, the children are separated by preschoolers (3-5 year old who are not in kindergarten) and Kindergarten-6th grade (6-12 year old).

For our security at the St. John’s preschool, all the doors around the school and church are securely locked from 7am until 5pm.  Entry is only permitted by a staff member who verifies the person’s identity before allowing access into the building.  Every parent is responsible for providing the staff of who is authorized to pick up their student. The only exception is during from 8:55am-9:05am and 11:55am-12:05pm / 3:00-3:05pm which is pick up and drop off times for the preschool.   During this time, a staff member is always in sight line of the door.  The director, has a criminal justice background and takes the security of our students very seriously and have plans in place to protect our students.